Top Ten Payday Loan Reviews

Top Ten Payday Loan Reviews. If you’re looking for Top Ten Payday Loan reviews you should be aware that what you’ll most likely end up getting are not actual reviews, but simply affiliate links disguised as a top ten countdown.

The reason is because most sites do not actually take the time to review all of the payday lenders, they simply find out which ones are paying the most for a referral, and then they are sending users to these sites in hopes that listing them as the number one, two, or three lenders will be enough for you to go ahead and do business with them.

But what you’re really looking for is a breakdown of the different lenders that are available and most likely ones that you can do completely online, and that can serve customers across the country.

Top Ten Payday Loan Reviews

There’s also another problem with trying to find a useful list of payday lenders, ranked accordingly in a top ten payday loan type list. The reason is that because of state regulations there pretty much isn’t one lender that is far and away better than all the rest. There are some lenders that are bigger than others, and there are some lenders that have been around longer. There are some lenders that give excellent customer service, and other lenders that are lax in this area.

There are lenders that charge higher rates than others, and some that charge lower. But most reputable lenders will have the state that they’re in dictate how much they can charge, and how they can collect on the agreement. This means that for all intents and purposes, you’re getting the same product, with just minor differences in the way each company does business.

How to Spot a Fake Top Ten List

Most top ten payday loan lists will try to seem very legit, and they may even offer a bit of description of each lender, but this is often copied and pasted from the lender’s website. You’ll notice that it’s an obvious attempt to get you to go to the website if they have a link directly to the lender rather than taking you to a review page first so you can get a better idea of what sort of experience you’ll have. The more obvious and opaque a site is about how they just want to send you off to the lender to get you to apply, the more you can be sure they didn’t actually review any of the sites they’ve listed.

Making Your Own Top Ten

It isn’t too hard to develop your own quick list of payday lenders that are worth doing business with. You can start a simple spreadsheet or a text document and if a lender seems legitimate you simply add them to your list. Once you have three of them listed you simply apply to them until you get funded. That way you can be sure that you’ve done your due diligence and found lenders that meet your specific criteria.

The Problem with Most Reviews

Most reviews out there are thinly disguised affiliate links, and the information you’re receiving is biased towards putting the lender in a good light so that you’ll click to them and the site can get their affiliate commission or lead payment. Here we never care whether the lender likes our review or not, and we don’t skew our reviews for the sake of any particular company. We provide hard-hitting analysis and give you the facts, without watering them done, and without trying to be friends with the lenders we evaluate.

What We Do

We’ve reviewed dozens and dozens of potential lenders and we tend to give our recommendation at the end of the review that lets you know whether we would add them to your shortlist of lenders to go with. That way you can cut down on the amount of research time it takes to find a quality lender. We analyze how long a company has been around, whether they are a direct lender, a matching service, or simply just an affiliate or lead generator. We then check to see how secure their site is, and if they are legitimately trying to earn your business.