USA Car Title Loans Review

USA Car Title Loans ReviewUSA Car Title Loans says you can call them up for a free consultation at their toll free number, and they are there to provide you with cash when you need it without charging you high interest rates. They will use your car as collateral so that you can get a good rate, and you could borrow the money for up to 3 years.

They say that the most they can loan is $50,000, but be aware that this is going to depend on your monthly income as well as the value of your car. You have to be able to show that you can make the monthly payments on your loan, and that you have a car that has value in it in case you don’t pay your loan. They say that you can get the process started online, over the phone, or at a store near you.

USA Car Title Loans Review – Basic Overview

USA Car Title Loans serves most states in the United States of America, but they do have some locations that are more popular than others including St Petersburg Florida, Los Angeles California, Chicago Illinois, Las Vegas Nevada, Saint Louis Missouri, and Atlanta Georgia.

Because they are more popular in these cities it may be easier to get a loan due to the high volume. You can get started online, but in order to fill out the free quote you have to fill out a short application which is not hosted on a secure server. You also have to agree to receive their text messages at your mobile phone number, so there’s a possibility for them to spam you with text messages even if you do not take out a loan with them just because you want to get your quote.

Refinancing Option

You can also use their service to refinance an existing car loan, which can come in handy if you got a bad loan and you can see that it is not going to serve you in the future. This could be a way to lower your monthly payment, or pay off your car off sooner than you would with your current car loan.

Customer Service Is Key

USA Car Title Loans is pretty similar to other online title loan lenders and they are basically saying that their customer service is better than the rest and the reason why you should go with them. They make a pretty strong case that they know what they’re doing because they have offices located all over the country and they are able to provide title loans in most states. You’ll notice that with some of the smaller title loan lenders they are only able to do business in certain states. That is a sign that they are not very big, and maybe they are still in the process of growing. That might not be the best lender for you to go with you and might need a more established company.

Title loans will always win the battle of interest rates when it comes to payday loans versus title loans because you are putting up collateral in the form of your car. The reason for this is with the title loan you’re using your car’s title as a backup in case you don’t pay your loan. Keep in mind that your car will need to qualify in order to get this loan, as the lender will need a clear title so they are first in line to take your car in case you don’t pay your loan.

Our Recommendation

USA Car Title Loans would be a good place to start if you have never taken out a title loan before. It’s always good to check the different title loan providers to see who has the best rate for you, as the application process is quick and easy and you can apply with multiple lenders in just a few minutes and find out which one is going to offer you the best rates. Just like you wouldn’t want to buy a car without test driving it first, it’s a good idea to see what everyone is offering before deciding on the lender that you eventually go with. Title loans are always recommended over a payday loans because you’re going to pay less in interest over the long term, and you will have the ability to pay it off in monthly increments rather than all at once on your next payday.